How to Find Good and Avoid Bad Clients as an Escort Girl in Washington D.C.

  • Posted on January 30th, 2013

Washington D.C. is famed as one of the cities which are vital resource for company, companionship agencies and adult entertainment and escort services. As a youthful aspiring model, you may be looking forward to being an escort girl in Washington D.C.. By offering some of the most cherished and excellent escort services, you are likely to get good customers who end up becoming repeat customers. However, amid all the charm there are will be men hoping to use you and misuse you at their will. You have to be tactful, authoritative and disciplined to avoid such clients.

As an escort girl, make it your aim only to deal with good clients and avoid the bad ones. Bad clients not only leave you feeling drained but also disrespected and with a slap on self esteem to deal with. One horrible client could ruin your whole perception of the career. There is a group of old and moneyed men who you should specifically look out for. They will ask you to do the most extreme of things and you are better off without their money.

On the flip side, when you get great clients, serve them well to turn them into repeat clients. Be cheerful in their company and should they ask for full service determine if they are worth it or not. For great clients, you can try to keep in touch. To find new clients, you have to keep advertising to find them since referral business is almost unheard of in escort service. Alternatively, you can join an agency to cater for your new clients, advertising and other management services. Through an agency, you can even address some of your problems with clients. However, be ready to forfeit a significant amount of your income to the agency.

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